I've got a story for you...

My first nonfiction book is my first Amazon best-seller.

Break through your writer's block with this book of nontraditional writing prompts. Coming October 20th. Preorder now!

Author Z or Zachary Jeffries

Meet the author behind two pen names, Z Jeffries and Zachary Jeffries (he/him). Z Jeffries writes Middle Grade Science Fiction novels, while Zachary Jeffries writes Young Adult novels filled with magic and romance. Originally from Georgia, the author now resides in the Midwest with his family and furry friend. Both pen names offer a unique and engaging storytelling style that will take you on a thrilling adventure. 

Every town has dark secrets. When investigating a murder, Juniper Szmydt finds her town's dark secrets are dark magic.

A girl who doesn't know she's a Greek Fate and a Grim Reaper-in-training will save the balance of life and death...If they can stop arguing for five minutes.

Join fourteen-year-old Chase as he uses his futuristic shapeshifting technology to survive a billion dollar game of hide-and-seek, risking everything to reunite his family in the action-packed sci-fi adventure series for all ages!

When Aliens overtake Earth, one thirteen-year-old must fight to save the planet! Perfect for wrestling fans, lovers of space adventure, or any reader who wants to follow a kid on a quest far from home fighting against impossible odds.