Work with Me

Available for phone and video call consultations, library speaking gigs, and class visits.

Contact me and we can schedule a phone or video call consultation, or I'll speak to your group online about any aspect of the publishing journey! I offer engaging presentations that focus on the strength and experience of the audience while offering high value resources designed to save authors money.

"I had a zoom conference with Zack in regard to the process of how to get paperback copies of my book. He took time to chat with me on possible options and the painstaking process to make sure its the best product. I am so appreciative of his patience during my many questions."

-Jaylee Fields

"All the research in the world doesn’t compare to talking to a self-published author! Zachary is a fountain of knowledge, and more than willing to share with others what he’s learned from his many years of self-publishing. He spent two hours on the phone with me, going over every one of my questions in detail, and patiently answering anything additional that I thought of while we were talking. There were many things about self-publishing that my research never touched on, and I wouldn’t have known without talking to Zachary. I feel much more confident now about starting my own self-publishing journey. I can’t recommend him highly enough!"

-Alexis Ames