What kids are saying about The Hide & Seek Chronicles:

“One of the things I like most about the books is the funny, brave, smart and strong characters. I really like how all the technology in these books is very creative and very different from the technology we see today. I really like how creative and inspiring these books are.” 

-Landon P., age 11

"I really enjoyed the book. It had a great plot, and I liked all the representation."

-Eli, age 12

"Pro Wrestling Saves Earth transported me back to my childhood, staging epic wrestling matches, first on my bed and then moving up to a trampoline. This would be a great read for a YA audience as well as old timers like me harkening back to those backyard matches from childhood. In addition to providing a walk down memory lane, and a fun read, this would be a great gift idea for that young reader you may be needing a holiday gift. Z Jeffries takes us to epic and over the top contests far from Earth, but between the lines is a subtle sense of humanity that was nice to see in a story for young readers. "

-DR Filer, author of Gorpp the Grappler

My best-reviewed story, I am over the moon that Angel of Fate has a Goodreads average around 4.5 stars. Here's what soe readers have said: 

"You know those books that seem to read by themselves? That you start reading and, before you know it, it’s already over, and you want more? This book was exactly like that."

"This book is phenomenal."

"A story you will not be able to put down."  

"I was completely captivated by this novel and have my fingers and toes crossed that this book becomes the first of a series! "

"Couldn’t possibly have been a more amazing book. I read it twice."

"a brilliant witchy book"

"This book is such a good time!"

"I instantly fell in love with this story. " 

"The Unseen Curse latest is fabulous fast-paced, tightly plotted thriller with so many twisty angles. The character development is superb." 

"I loved this novel and can't wait for the next one."

"Definitely a book I would recommend to young readers, fantasy readers, and murder mystery readers."